– Préparateur physique
– Intervenant hors stade (sorties nature)

Courir nous apprend à nous remettre en question. Cela nous apprend à aller au-delà de ce que nous pensions pouvoir faire. Cela nous aide à découvrir de quoi nous sommes faits. Ceci est ce que nous faisons. Voilà de quoi il s'agit."

Alice Bourgeois
Alice Parkermember

In a moment when you feel weak or depressed, when life seems taking a wrong turn for you, you can take a different road by putting on your running shoes. Let go and enjoy the sensation of a free run.”

Martin Jones
Martin Jonescoach

This is one of the best running crews that I have ever been working with. These guys know how to handle long distanse runs, and will help you become a professional. Change your lifestyle with us. Run.”

Samantha Kits
Samantha Kitsmember
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